TB Sanatorium Employees

Sanatorium Employees

The Sanatorium employed many, not just nurses, but also janitors, engineers, teamsters, a herdsman for the San Dairy, potato pickers, a gardener, laundry workers, maids, cooks, waitresses, tray girls, dishwashers, and more. Can you identify any of the nurses in this photo? Peggy Cross (Dr. Mary’s sister) is in the center, and Wilma Watts is on the right.

My parents met while working at the San. Several of our relatives were patients, employees, or both.

Did your relatives work at the San? Send me a note at Contact@OpenWindow.com. Do you have San photos to share? If so, email them along with your permission for me to use the photos and I might be able to add them to this site. Please identify as many people as you can in your photos, and if you know the year, please include it. Let’s work together to add to the history of the Lake Julia Tuberculosis Sanatorium.

Bill Masterson was a janitor at the Lake Julia Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Front row: Myrtle Webster; the author’s parents Ella and Lee Hedglin.

Back row: Wanda Rice, Emily Stanek, Violet Allen, Adolf Becker.

The author’s aunt Opal Hedglin Smith stayed at the San (off the record) as an orphan, later as a patient, and eventually as an employee.¬†